Who kiley kardashian is dating

“I’m not afraid to show who I’m dating, but I’m also not about to talk about every little detail of my relationship,” Jenner continued in the post.

It's also worth noting that if Kylie were to get into a new relationship shortly after a split from Tyga, it'd actually be fairly out of character to make it so obvious in the form of appearances and sitting courtside. Of course, Kylie and Travis could really be dating and it could be an adorable match. “Living in the spotlight, people think they know everything about me, but they don’t,” Jenner wrote.“I’ve never believed in the idea of the public knowing everything about my relationship and every time I break up and make up.” PHOTOS: Kylie Jenner & Tyga Pile on the PDA at Kris Jenner’s Extravagant Birthday Jenner and Tyga might show off some PDA on social media, but the two don’t often discuss their relationship with the press and the rapper has rarely appeared on the family’s reality show, Keeping up the the Kardashians.Sabrina has lean figure and she may be taking care of her diet. The 18-year-old reality star got candid about dating in the public eye in the post, opening up about her relationship with 25-year-old rapper Tyga.

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