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Blige lists the date of separation as "to be determined" -- unclear why. Blige is asking the judge to block Isaacs' ability to get spousal support. We reached out to Blige and Isaacs -- so far, no word back.

Blige cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. Unclear what went wrong -- but back in 2014, Blige talked about the challenges of dating her manager during an interview with Stella Magazine.

filing for divorce to end her 12 year marriage, TMZ has learned.

Blige just filed docs seeking to end her union from Martin "Kendu" Isaacs -- who she married back in 2003.

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Blige just pulled the plug on her marriage to her husband/manager ...

According to TMZ reports, a judge has ordered Blige to give up K per month in temporary spousal support — nearly a whopping 0K LESS than Isaacs asked for (9,319) — however she has to pay retroactive support dating back to September as well as his attorney fees — all of which adds up to 5K.

The judge felt Isaacs deserved some cash to help him afford the standard of living he’s accustomed to, but ironically the court also revealed the couple were living more lavishly than they could really afford as they reportedly have millions in back taxes to pay.

We’re sure you all remember how we told you Kendu Isaacs was trying to TAKE ALL OF Mary J.

Blige’s gwap — well fortunately for her, a judge has decided that greedy azz, lyin’, cheatin’, dirty dog doesn’t deserve THAT much!

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