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Simple and Adaptive Maps With a focus on optimizing the user experience, the map has been totally redesigned.

Every feature, from the advanced gestures and unified color scheme to the high-fidelity landmarks and transparent 3D buildings has been expressly composed to balance simplicity and capability.

Learn More → A while back I met with the folks at Tele Communication Systems (TCS) who are responsible for the VZ Navigator app on Verizon smartphones as well as navigation apps on myriad other smartphones.

Networks in Motion launched the app in 2006 and TCS acquired them three years later. I don’t have a TCS app on my smartphone so TCS lent me one of theirs.

Other new features now available with VZ Navigator 5.0 include: Pricing and Availability VZ Navigator 5.0 will roll out on select smartphones and handsets beginning today, including the Black Berry® Curve™ 8530 smartphone, LG en V® TOUCH, HTC Touch Pro2™ and Samsung Omnia™.

Did as you said, shows "Searching for satellites" for about 15 full minutes, then sort of finds my location...

Current subscribers with VZ Navigator 5.0-capable devices will get a message the next time they launch the service, prompting them to upgrade to the new version.

VZ Navigator will direct a user to the nearest ATM, the cheapest gas, or the restaurant/hotel/shopping venue of his/her choice.

The more often one searches, the more the app knows one’s preferences and, thus, the more helpful it can be.

Verizon announced the launch of VZ Navigator 5.0, the newest version of its award-winning map, navigation and local search service Beginning today on select devices, VZ Navigator 5.0 will enhancements to the existing service that take advantage of location-based technology, including an updated, easy-to-use interface, improved functionality finding points of interest, and the ability to run multiple VZ Navigator functions simultaneously within a navigation session.

The service is now integrated with Facebook, allowing users to keep up with their friends, family and social networks by updating their Facebook statuses directly through VZ Navigator, with the option to include and share their locations.

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