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Vibrators are one way to bust out of those confines and discover a new world of pleasure potential.

Research on who uses vibrators tells us that almost half of all men have tried a vibrator at least once.

But since you may have never thought vibrators could be for you, give yourself some time to get comfortable with the idea.

The good news is that once you do, you’ll be greatly rewarded.

Especially if only a peevish wife and batch of hungry elves wait you at home.

Who among us doesn't like to drink a couple of beer after the hard working day?

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– She doesn’t know you– She’s with a guy she’s dating at the moment– She’s on her period– She’s having a fat day– You said something she considers “Creepy.”– She lost her phone– She’s not attracted to you– She’s busy– She’s at work– She’s having sex with an alien from one of the moons around Mars Here’s what you do. If she doesn’t reply within a few days, you text her again. I have answers on this page, but if you’re really desperate? First of all, before you scroll to the replies to ask me a question….(I get over 11,000 queries for, “Why won’t she text me back,” Per month). I get a lot of texting questions like, “How do I text her so that she replies? ”There are some common rules when texting, or utilizing social media. Carol Queen and Shar Rednour are the brilliant, bad ass aunts we all need to teach and advise us. " -- Tristan Taormino, author, sex educator and director of "This is the one!An inclusive, compassionate, funny, and comprehensive guide to being a human with both a brain and genitals.

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