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The ghost does not give an explanation of any sort, leaving the ghosted wondering where he or she went wrong.

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Don’t write - “I love paper planes…”; write - “I invented a paper plane that can fly for 25 seconds and I’ll show you how to make one”. They care about paper planes that can fly for 25 seconds. Link to a Poll from the Blog post, to an Album from Event, to Event from from Group.

At this stage you only need to make sure that you write your “Name” the way you want other members to do it. On Dolphin-based site profile photo, username and member menu show on top of it. Don’t use anything with too many details, texts or contrasting color-combination. It is OK to use a generic pattern, landscape or illustration, but you can make the splash amplify your message or tell a story. Write 5 different ones, with pictures, with meaningful insight, fun stories and useful links. You could embed existing relevant Youtube videos, sure - but those count as 0.0001 of your own original ones. Make 10 awesome videos, edit them (it's easy now), annotate and upload.

Remember, it is the “about you” write-up that is actually . All items should be tidy, engaging and relevant to the site goal.

In this post I’ll show you how to get the first 1000 real members join your site. This will be the profile that greets new people, profile that will set the tone and theme of the site, profile that will show if you even care about getting your community off the ground. Anonymous “username” or real “full name”, depending on your niche and Dolphin settings. Your profile description is a piece of text that thousands of people will be reading every day (fingers crossed). Back to the paper-planes example - it could be a picture of your best model up in the air, with awestruck kids in the background. It will have to take you at least a week to do this, but it must be done. This is going to be the main body of content for your site. Dolphin will convert them for you, but make sure to set up high-quality conversion and playback. Take a 2-week vacation with resolve to post 5 amazing items a day, with 4 extra days for interlinking them.

Step by step, with breakdown of impact significance of each step. Pro-powered site, but really can be used for any start-up social network, no matter what CMS or community platform powers it. Keep it in 50-200 words range and relevant to the context of your site. Depending on what modules you’ve activated on your Dolphin site, they will be Polls, Events, Sounds, Files, Ads, Sites, Boards, etc. Your site is already live, the game is on, it is all !

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