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This matchup will again be in state as it will take place in Orlando on Thursday. Not with having to play seventh-seeded Dayton in the first round. John's, the latter the worst loss at home in Boeheim's 41-year tenure.

- Joe Reedy reporting from Tallahassee, Florida___ p.m. And certainly not with the prospects of playing in the second round No. Boston College also humbled Syracuse in the conference opener.

But what I try to do here is shed light on the organizational and structural problems that created the urban mobility crisis in Cairo by taking a journey through the history of public transport in Cairo, and discussing how it evolved into what it is today.

How did all the trams eventually become state-owned though they were originally constructed and operated by private companies?

Then the article touches upon the early attempts by the state to control the operation of public transport in Cairo, the impact of the 1970s’ economic crisis on the bus and tram networks in Cairo, the international attempts to support Public transport in Cairo (with a specific case study on a World Bank project in Central Cairo) and moves into our contemporary times with the Cairo Metro projects, the Mubarak era and beyond.

The article ends with a brief section, pointing to the overlooked aspect regarding public transport and urban mobility in Cairo.

It’s very hard to get -- and very expensive -- in the United States.

But it's getting easier and easier these days to find more affordable “American style Kobe beef" or “American Wagyu” at your neighborhood steak house or upscale grocery., he "got hooked on the idea of grass-fed agriculture — that all energy and wealth comes from the sun," he explains, "and the shorter the distance between the sun and the end product," the higher the profit to the farmer.

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