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In July of 1789 Alexander Mc Kenzie arrived at Fort Chippewayen and traveled north to the mouth of the Mc Kenzie River. Campbell, although he lived in Fort Macleod until his death in 1920, took a demit in 1897 and was never at a Lodge meeting again.opinion that the formation of a Grand Lodge of Alberta is premature and that this Lodge, Alberta No. One of the first petitions received was from John H. Kemmis who later became Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Alberta and Grand Secretary from 1928 to 1942. Spitzie Lodge held its regular meetings on the Friday on or before the full moon. The Charter was granted on June 16, 1893 with a membership of thirty-four. It was just about one hundred years since Anthony Henday had arrived at the high point of land between Innisfail and Red Deer that a few Masons gathered together in the little town to consider the possibilities of establishing a Lodge there. The Lodge had seventeen Charter members and its first Worshipful Master was R. The final report of the committee was given in 1898 and the framed Charter was placed in the Lodge room. Bellamy made an error the horse would come to a complete stop and refused to budge until the error was corrected. Jasper Lodge met first in Hourston's Hall, later over Johnston-Walker's store on Jasper Avenue East. Then in 1900 with a population of some 300 citizens it became the Town of Red Deer. Gee remained in this position until October 21, 1896 when the Lodge ceased to exist. History moved on, Red Deer grew, the railroad had arrived and the Masons were not to be vanquished. Three years later he navigated the Peace River and arrived at the Pacific Ocean. Thus the northern part of the province was well charted and the routes to be followed were well known. 37, would still continue its affiliation to the Grand Lodge of Manitoba and that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to North Star Lodge in Lethbridge." North Star agreed with the attitude of Alberta No. The Lodge, at its beginning was without a secretary and Mr. The Canadian Pacific Railway had decided that it was essential to connect Calgary and Edmonton by rail. Govern of the North West Territories filled a wheelbarrow with dirt and it was emptied at the point where the Calgary to Edmonton railroad was to begin. The fee for a Charter Member was .00, the initiation fee .00, the yearly dues were .00 and an affiliation fee was .00. During this period the importance of the fur trade had receded and the richness of agriculture had taken over. The next year Acacia found that it was not located in South Edmonton but in a new village, on the same site, now called Strathcona. On December 14, 1903 it moved to the Masonic Hall on 102nd Street south of Jasper Avenue. 53 and that Lodge rented space to Jasper Lodge for .00 per month for 24 meetings per year. was formed the hamlet of Red Deer had been established in the year 1884 on the homestead of a pioneer missionary, Rev. At that time it was one hundred miles away from any railroad for it was not until 1890 that the C. Naturally with that number of people it was assumed that there were enough Masons residing there to form a Lodge. From the scanty records it must be concluded that the Lodge got off to a very shaky start. The former is a reference to the blowhole, allegedly known as 'Khanterintee' (meaning 'mysterious noise') by the local Aborigines.The first European to sight the blowhole was George Bass who wrote of the 'tremendous noise' this 'subterraneous passage' produced when he anchored offshore in December, 1797.It is huge and has some absolutely beautiful mountain, valleys and river scenery. Membership continued to grow in Lodge 33 and a number of the senior Brethren, decided that a second application should be made to The Grand Lodge Board, to found a second university Lodge. Some of the early Irish annalists would have known it, by its alternative name – The See of Dalriada.Near Paris we find few hedgerows, big fields and industrialised farming. Bishop Poyntz finally retired from this active role in the Church in 1995.Following Henday fur traders poured into the West and few people considered it to be anything more than a source of valuable furs. The small town of Innisfail was to be the next location of a Masonic Lodge. The Lodge was constituted on August 7, 1895 and was composed of members preferring to work in the Ancient York Rite as distinct from the Canadian Rite used by Bow River Lodge. At one point in its history Eureka suspended eleven members for non payment of dues. The fact that Acadia had received a Charter was a source of great pride to the members. The reason for this, according to reports, is that his business required that he travel considerably by horse and buggy. Bellamy would recite the ritual aloud to the wide open spaces while driving. Henday traveled from Hudson's Bay to Rocky Mountain House. The first meeting of Spitzie Lodge on May 2, 1890 as late in starting because the Brethren had been summoned to assist in extinguishing a prairie fire. To facilitate this an emergent meeting was called for May 10, his petition accepted and through a series of emergent meetings he received his three degrees and was elected to the office of Secretary in June. The Lodge decided to work in the Ancient York Rite following the tradition set by Medicine Hat, Lethbridge and Banff. Braithwaite, a pioneer physician, who come west with the N. Settlers were coming into the area very rapidly, attracted by some of the best farming land in the opening west. was instituted on June 21, 1894 and its Charter was granted one year later on The scene of activity moved immediately back to Calgary where Perfection Lodge No. The first meetings were held in the same building on and Second Street East that Bow River Lodge was occupying. When some of the suspended Brethren applied for reinstatement their applications were refused. The minutes record that in 1897 a "Charter Framing Committee" was appointed and for several months it reported progress. The horse became so used to the ritual that when Bro. The coming of the railroad, as usual, caused a growth in population and the hamlet became a village.

I must confess that the high speed train gave me a better idea of the actual size of the country that we know as France. Foot to be first chief Scribe, This memorial had been signed by ten companions. The Dioceses of Connor is located in the North East corner of Ireland and included much of the City of Belfast.

It was on October 5, 1795, that William Tomison set his men to work to build Edmonton House at the mouth of the Sturgeon River, the purpose, of course, was to establish a trading post for furs with the Hudson's Bay Company. M." Finally it appears that cooler heads prevailed and on November fourth he was received in Alberta No. 37 but when the Province of Alberta was formed in 1905 both Lodges cooperated. It was a time of celebration and people gathered from miles around including a pioneer missionary from Red Deer, Rev. A 1,400 Pound steer was roasted and consumed together with a carload of beer in kegs. Again the procedure followed by other Lodges took place and the Grand Lodge of Manitoba granted a dispensation. The seal of the Lodge had to be returned to Winnipeg so that Grand Lodge could make the appropriate adjustments. John De Sousa of Calgary instituted the Lodge on October 5, 1900 and the officers of Jasper Lodge U. Any additional meetings brought an extra charge of .50 for each meeting. The Grand Lodge of Manitoba actually agreed to issue a dispensation and a meeting was held on to institute a Lodge. Since Elias Code refused to take the Tyler's Oath he was excluded from the meeting. In fact the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Manitoba suggested by letter on April 16, 1896 that there be a change in officers and that Brother C.

James Hughes was commissioned by the North West Company in 1798 to build another fort, which he called the New Fort Augustus and it was likely built on the site of the present City of Edmonton. It became the stopping place of fur traders, adventurers, missionaries and fortune hunters. The enthusiasm of the Brethren in Fort Macleod for the basic fundamentals of Freemasonry undoubtedly motivated many of its difficulties for the early Freemasons protected zealously what they considered right and proper. The line was completed the next year and ended in South Edmonton across the river from Edmonton. Mail arrived in Strathcona on the second Thursday of each month which also happened to be the meeting night of Acacia Lodge. It should be noted that in the Fall of 1902 the Low Level Bridge was completed and now the trains no longer completed their runs in Strathcona.

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