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It’s a commitment that can be fascinating, inspiring and, frankly, a little exhausting to watch, but if anyone thought that Jane, now 73, might be slipping quietly into her dotage, they’d be mistaken.

Her latest project tackles the thorniest subject of all – ageing – and if anything, she’s even more impassioned now than ever.

Despite her strident public image, Jane Fonda freely admits that her private life hasn’t always been a success.

Cops found a "kill list" notebook (in his car) that included 300 names of victims and dead informants as well as daily routines and the diagrams of homes. Numbers, protection, those little pieces of paper flying out of your pocket. I wanted to see the world." To read more about Frank Lucas, click here: "DID BLACK PANTHERS ASSASSINATE BLACK GODFATHER/PIMP?

Heinous rumors about her trip to Hanoi have circled around the internet since two letters purportedly written by Vietnam veterans were posted online in the late '90s.

One of the made-up myths, in précis, is that four prisoners of war listed as missing in action slipped Ms.

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Such an arrangement is known informally as a pay-or-play contract.

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