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If you’re shy about the steps, a beginner East Coast Swing lesson is provided from to . Another tactic would be to check out the schedule for Eight to the Bar, one of Connecticut’s most beloved bands. Something Old “I want you to help me find the perfect bowl for my dining room table” is the way this date begins.Check out the painted cupboards at Monique Shay, the weathervanes at Wayne Mattox Antiques or the Best of Connecticut-winning goods (mostly French) at Country Loft.Don’t get us wrong, we love a romantic dinner date or long walk, but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a little.Occasionally we long for a date that’s outside of the dating box.It comes from the negotiations between my Alabama self and my native Romanian.It comes from the ordinary and everyday menu of successes and strife. I would be honored if you considered sharing it with others. For being a face and a name in a world of beautiful stories, a moment on our planet's wild heart.We want to hear from you: What keeps you from being who you want to be?The fate of a woman who went missing two weeks ago while on a Grand Canyon hike with her step-grandson remains an unknown while their family awaits the positive identification of a body found in the park and believed to be the 14-year-old boy.

At first, I wasn't sure whether to blog this book-- partly because I fall prey to the suspicion sometimes that poetry is extraneous, a luxury, an aspect of life we don't need, a facet of leisure. I know the first written history began as poetry and that poetry, whether in the form of psalms or sonnets or lyric, feeds a space in us that no sitcom or self-help book or video game can oblige. It comes from the giant slalom of daily married life.

Be part of the same team or go one on one and drive your way to a date they won’t forget.

, and many of you will recognize not my only voice but also, I think, your own inside its pages.

You might also consider the cluster of restaurants near the intersection of Rtes.

6 and 64: Carole Peck’s Good News Cafe, John’s Café, Dottie’s Diner, Carmen Anthony Fishhouse and others. House Tour Connecticut is well-known for its outstanding residential architecture.

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