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Colombina is a user-friendly framework for development of electronic assistants personalities or chatbots for aggregation of any types of data, processing it, sending commands to connected devices and generating human-friendly responses.

MITSUKU: Probably the bit near the end when he’s in danger.Do note that it is not necessary to create a separate page only for Bot purpose. For sake of this tutorial I am assuming that you never created a page before.Visit https:// and you will see something like this(as of April, 2016), your script URL that will be receiving messages from your users and responding them. Facebook asks you to setup an https:// URL which means, you simply can’t use localhost while developing.Each time a user enters a statement, the library saves the text that they entered and the text that the statement was in response to.As Chatter Bot receives more input the number of responses that it can reply and the accuracy of each response in relation to the input statement increase.

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