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I was talking to a guy I know that was telling me once about how his step-mother took his virginity and she used to fuck him regularly between the ages of 10 and 13. child molestation.” I felt bad for him, but he was reminiscing on it like it was a fond memory and the hottest thing that ever could have happened to him so… She broke the law, so that’s bad, but the child that was being protected by it grew up and didn’t give a shit about the law.

She was made famous by her bust, now in Berlin's Neues Museum, shown to the right.

The bust is one of the most copied works of ancient Egypt.

These are contortionists, acrobats, ballerinas, gymnasts, and maybe even circus performers.

There is no nudity or sex, but damn – can you imagine fucking these hot young things in some of these crazy-ass positions?

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