Eclipse updating maven dependencies disable

Hi to all, I see these kind of errors when I try do an 'Update Project Configuration' on some of our WTP projects (eclipse 3.4.2 / m2eclipse 0.9.7)

Null Pointer Exception at org.common.componentcore.internal.resources. Virtual Delete Meta Model(Virtual at org.common.componentcore.internal.resources.

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Includes things that should not be distributed with the file, such as developer identity, along with local settings, like proxy information.If the value field is empty, then the existence of the named property will activate the profile, otherwise it does a case-sensitive match against the property value as well.This is the file specification used to activate a profile.Note that this behaviour, although useful in situations were you want to override resources found in classpath containers, will made JRE classes loaded after 3rd party jars, so enabling it is not suggested.Default value is: and the source or javadoc attachment has a status cache to indicate that it is not available, then the remote repository will be rechecked for a source or javadoc attachment and the status cache updated to reflect the new state.

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