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Suddenly, though, their peace was disturbed by strange rustlings in the distance. When another two hours had passed, they could no longer ignore the rustlings.Something big was out there, and the young friends wanted to know what it was.Eric Durant, 18, and Frederick Parody, 22, set out to investigate. Though this is perhaps the most famous record of a “Bigfoot sighting” on October Mountain, it is certainly not the only. About an hour later, they and their friends packed up and headed out.October Mountain, so named by famed New England writer Herman Melville because of its stunning fall color, has been the focus of paranormal investigations, spooky documentaries, and eyebrow-raising stories of UFOs. They climbed into their car, flicked on the headlights, and saw it again.The actor told Entertainment Weekly that he came across the mysterious creature while filming his new A&E series "The Lowe Files." The docuseries followes Lowe and his sons John Owen and Matthew as they explore the Ozark Mountains, which stretches between Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, in search of the "wood ape." "A wood ape is the local vernacular for a Sasquatch or a Bigfoot," Lowe explained.He and his sons went camping and in a scene that is featured in the show's season finale, Lowe said they encountered a real-live wood ape.Wyoming residents know the awesome outcropping of granite in Southwestern Natrona County as Independence Rock.

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Big Foot or Sasquatch is a legend in North America.

If you’re convinced that Bigfoot is real, you’re not alone, especially here in Wyoming.

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, there have 28 reported sightings in the Cowboy State, dating back over a century.

The most recent Bigfoot sighting in Wyoming was in 2008, when a hunting party in the Medicine Bow National Forest reportedly saw an large, dark, sasquatch running from their camp.

Click here for a detailed report of all 28 Wyoming Bigfoot sightings and take our online poll.

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