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In an age of galactic superpowers and interstellar war, every player's story influences the connected gaming experience and evolving narrative.

Governments fall, battles are lost and won, and humanity's frontier is reshaped, all by players' actions.

The game was followed by the sequels Frontier: Elite II in 1993, military missions, bounty hunting and asteroid mining.

Another novelty was the inclusion of The Dark Wheel, a novella by Robert Holdstock which gave players insight into the moral and legal codes to which they might aspire.

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Travel between stars is accomplished by hyperspace jumps, and is constrained to those within range of the limited fuel capacity (a maximum of 7 light years) of the ship's hyperdrive. described by the manual as "a dangerous and difficult activity", but in practice a fairly simple process far easier than manually docking at a space station—and collecting free-floating cargo canisters and escape capsules liberated after the destruction of other ships.

insect race may intercept the player half way, forcing his ship to remain in "witch-space" and do battle with their smaller invasion ships.

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