Back dating hairy man

I pay attention to where I put my energy — I don’t want to be one of those women still grumbling about some argument with their ex, 30 years after the fact.Sometimes I worry I swing too far in the opposite direction and tuck away memories all together, afraid that should I pull one one — even a funny or sweet or tender one — all the bad ones will come bursting out in a flood of emotion. And I want my children to know those stories because they are also their stories.“Tell me a story about when you were a little girl,” she says.And I tell her about being 5 and cutting the acres of lawn on my grandparents’ farm with a riding mower.There is no shame in a man admitting to waxing or shaving these days, preferring a polished torso to a hairy chest. Nothing wrong with a bit of a tidy up but men stripping themselves of all masculinity completely seems a waste.Give me a rug over a smooth chest any day of the week.But grown men, if they're really lucky, have sprouted a downy coating of fur that clearly lets women know that they're virile beasts.

Infant boys and pre-2013 Justin Bieber are adorable, asexual beings with no body hair.

When men have higher levels of testosterone, they're more likely to have a higher sex drive, live longer, are more confident and honest, and have more energy and optimism.2. In a study by researcher Michael Siva-Jothy they found that hungry bugs placed on shaved arms were more likely to feed, compared with those on an unshaved arm, as the hair slows down the bug and alerts the victim.

Aikarakudy Alias, a psychiatrist who's been working on the relationship between body hair and intelligence says that hairy chests are more likely to be found amongst doctors, as well as the highly educated, in the general population.3. Hairy men are better able to detect parasites on their body.

Our primate ancestors certainly liked their men hairy.

Bare chests are all good and well if you're a male stripper who needs to oil it up, but we're looking for a REAL man.

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