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Gestaltung eines Plakats zur Bekanntmachung des Elektr0service.Zusätzlich wurden mit dem selben Visual Inserate geschaltet, Direct Mailings versendet und ein Gewinnspiel auf der Website der Firma durchgeführt.I think it's a similar problem, as in the PC version. :-/ Well, with my luck, the console is going to fail soon. The things i tried to solve the problem: clearing xbox chache, reinstalling farcry 4 (complete before starting) and finally resetting the whole bone and reinstalling everything (with farcry first then the rest of the games). Until i found this post i was suspecting the 1TB harddrive from my warfare bundle being responsible for this (being to slow or whatever). As i own farcry and ryse as disc versions the second guess was that it might be a slow disc drive which can't deliver the data on time but then i think the whole games are installed and the disc is only used for the check when the game is started right?BTW: I didn't get any notification that a patch needs to be installed. Not sure if that is an inherent problem with the game in general, with my disk or my particular hardware. Btw, how long does it usually take for the support to react in any way?We were procrastinating whether to get her a smart phone until we come across a catchy theme from JUMPY Plus smart watch – smart watch!

Designed for children aged between 4 and 12, the JUMPY Plus smart watch is a mobile phone, GPS tracker, activity helper, fitness companion and more.

Apparently, Fallout 4 PS4 struggles particularly inside buildings, where frame rate can go noticeably below the advertised 30 FPS; things get even worse if the players use the scope to aim or get shot by enemies.

The reports also concur that this present issue is impacting gameplay in a significant way, as it makes combat more difficult other than the obvious immersion problem.

To activate JUMPY Plus, all it takes is to insert a nano SIM card, sync it up with a smart phone (compatible with both Android & i Phone) and you are ready to go 🙂 Users can make and receive quality calls to and from a preset contact list of authorised persons, with a call log of up to 1 week.

Hey, parents can also record a voice message and send it to the child’s JUMPY Plus and receive one in return.

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